Our Hire Purchase Financing Options

Our goal is to empower your growth.

Our asset finance solution can help you purchase vehicles and equipment without the financial burden of outright purchase. You pay for the vehicle/equipment with the income it generates or the cost saved helping you maximize working capital.
We have number of solutions that can be tailored to suit your requirements:

Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Synergy Industrial Credit Limited has a range of finance options that are designed to help you gain maximum advantage for purchasing the vehicles (For Example: Trucks, Trailers, & Vans among others). We offer outstanding contract hire deals on every model of truck & other commercial vehicles. Our extensive network and well-established relationship with dealers ensures you get the best deals for your vehicle requirements.
Whether buying a single commercial vehicle or a fleet of large trucks and specialized commercial vehicles our team shall assist you in getting the most appropriate and suitable vehicle and financing options that would fit your business needs. We offer hire purchase finance facilities but not restricted to brand new vehicles from all major manufacturers and dealers.
Being one of the leading non-banking financial institutions and market leaders we understand issues of commercial vehicle and transport industry. This experience and knowledge-base enables us to make constructive proposals to suit your business requirements based on your vehicle requirements, repayment period and future outlook. Having been in the industry for over 20 years we know and give stress on who you are not just your financial statements and projections.

Construction Equipment, Machinery & Vehicles

The right finance on site and off road.
We at Synergy Industrial Credit Limited know what life is like for our construction and materials handling customers. Let us help you lower your costs, boost cash flow and minimise administration – by financing your construction equipment and operational assets via equipment leasing. We ensure whether your request is for a bull dozer or an excavation plant you are catered for and we also provide attractive options at the end of the finance period.
From sole traders to the largest construction groups, our experts have the experience to provide the right finance tailored to your specific needs. This includes extending agreements at favourable rates, buying and leasing back your existing equipment and taking the asset off your balance sheet.

Handling & Lifting Equipment

Capital outlays for Handling & Lifting Equipments can be quite substantial and effect the cash flow and liquidity of any given entity. We provide you the option of letting us meet your capital commitments and by repaying the hire purchase facility over an agreed period of time by instalments enabling you to meet your business finance requirements in a more effective manner.
Our clients have highly appreciated the long term commitment and support that Synergy Industrial Credit Limited has been offering over the past 20 years. We provide hire purchase facility for most of the plant equipments that are listed but not restricted as per below:

  • Earth-Movers
  • Mining & drilling equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Cranes & lifting gears
  • Forklifts & access platforms
  • Instrumentation & measuring equipment
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Injection molding equipment

Industrial Plant Equipment & Machinery

Be it a start up or a long established business unit the ability to upgrade and provide state of the art finished products for consumers gives an edge in the market. We at Synergy Industrial Credit Limited can give you the comfort of having the latest machinery and equipment to give you the distinct edge to become a market leader. Our hire purchase options give you the benefit of acquiring the latest in technology with reasonable capital outlay commensurate with periodic instalments at rates that would suit your requirements.
We appreciate innovation & growth and in order to enable you to take care of planned and unscheduled financing needs to expand your business the way you want, we provide line of credit facilities on machinery which includes:

  • Printing press
  • Storage & racking system
  • Food processing equipments
  • Packaging & racking equipments
  • Metal forming equipments
  • Conveyors and material handling systems, etc

Agricultural Equipment, Machinery & Vehicles

Our customers in the agriculture industry highly value our association as hardly many institutions understand the intricacies and technicalities involved in the sector. With heavy reliance on external factors our customers always welcome the financial support provided thereby enabling planning and utilizing the tight margins and cash flows prevalent in the Agriculture Sector.
Our farming customers welcome our financial support, because markets are volatile and margins are tight. Our specialists can help finance your agricultural equipment – improving your cash flow right away.
Our relations with dealers and knowledge of the sector ensures you will get the most suitable equipment be it machinery or vehicle be it a single unit or a fleet to manage and grow your business.

From a smallholding to the largest corporate operation, we are ready to provide finance options that best suit you, not us.