At Synergy Industrial Credit Limited, we believe in making the most out of our opportunities which goes beyond business and brands. The Company is known to hire excellent people and provide them with unparalleled opportunities to build the careers and realize their dreams. A career at the Synergy Industrial Credit Ltd offers our employees an access to some of the most exciting and dynamic challenges of their lifetime.
We grow as a company by growing our people, their professional fulfillment, their work/life balance and their ability to contribute equally as part of a diverse workforce are all issues to which we give our utmost focus.
We believe that all our employees have plenty of opportunities, for example:

  • Opportunity to build and enhance their career

  • Opportunity to learn, grow and develop

  • Opportunity to be recognized

  • Opportunity to innovate and create

  • Opportunity to enrich their life

We have no jobs available at the moment.